Late Night Sex Radio Call Mystery Caller Becomes Real Life Sex Date

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Tyra Scott is known as the Madam of the AM airways, dolling out sex positive advise to her loyal following. She’s like Dr. Ruth only better. Alex is long time fan and regular on her show. The two have a special bond even though they have never met.
Tonight they take their usual phone sex call all the way and agree to meet. Alex is finally going to learn he wasn’t the only one stroking a cock during their heavy phone sex calls.
The chemistry is electric and Alex’s cock is stiff with excitement from the minute he meets Tyra. The two kiss and grope on his bed until he finds her cock. It’s dead silent. Tyra, being the top she is, just flips Alex over and makes him take her cock into his mouth.

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Bruna Butterfly takes a cock deep in her ass!

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Bruna Butterfly is young, petite and one smoking hot lay for any guy lucky enough to get the chance. Watch her in this scene get buck wild with this stud. She sucks his cock and takes it deep in her ass bareback before he pulls out and delivers a huge load for her swallow down.

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Femme Fatale

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I had been tailing this broad all across the avenue, waiting to see where would be her next port of call. Her looks were as dark as the ace of spades, she could easily disappear in the shadows of the wrong side of town, but with a sweet round behind I couldn’t take my eyes off and fiery red hair, my driver and I stuck to her like spunk on a tissue.. She led us to this seedy nightclub on the other side of the tracks. It had a reputation for the weird and wonderful, but nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when the red head took to the stage in nothing but some sheer hold up stockings and a pink feather boa.. With the feather boa brushed to one side, her own Boa Constricter hung between her thighs. In fact, it was more like an Anoconda, this mysterious babe had a bigger cock than mine, I was starting to rethink everything I ever thought were true.. Before you could say ‘lady of the night’ two shady looking guys joined her on the stage, and they were soon naked, feeding the greedy whore their cocks. I’ve seen some shows in my life, but I’ve never seen anything as freaky as this. It’s one thing finding out the gal you’ve been following and getting a crush on turns out to be a shemale, but another to see her take a rough spit roasting and double penetration. I was no longer on the job, playing private dic, I was falling in love playing with my own dick at the back of the smokey seedy night club..

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New Dom in Sexy Latex Whips out Her Cock and Fucks a Bound Slave Boy

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Sofia Saunders walks softly and let’s her cock do the talking. She is a smoking hot new addition to Doms of and we absolutely love her creative fucking and willingness to punish men in any positions.
Today she puts a little slave guy who has NEVER been fucked in the ass with a cock before – through his paces with bondage and rough sex.
She sucks his dick while her cock is buried in his tight ass. When he cums from riding her it’s a release only to be met with more fucking.
Sofia doesn’t disappoint in the pop shot department either, cumming her own hefty load.

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Biker Dungeon: Transsexual Hottie Honey Fucks Angelina Valentine

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It’s surprising Honey doesn’t faint when her cock gets hard. Her dick is so big some models have straight up cancelled the shoot once Honey takes her skirt off. Not Angelina though – she loves big dick and she loves it deep inside. So it’s a match made in biker dungeon hell today for Honey and Angelina. Honey doesn’t say much, she lets her cock do the talking as she pounds it deep into Angelina’s hungry snatch and cums in Angelina’s mouth.

Your Ass Belongs to Her

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Yasmin Lee is un-fucking-real. She fucks DJ with every part of her body – shoving her toes in his ass and then his mouth, fucking his ass and making him suck her cock off. All her dirty kinks are played out as her date does exactly what she commands.
She fucks the cum right out of him in a pile-driver until he pops on his own face. And that is nowhere near the end of the night – she drags DJ up, fucks him some more. Then after a good long blow job, she cums in his mouth and makes him spit it on her feet and lick it up again. This update is full of smoking hot, dirty fucking.


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Earlier today 2 Federal Agents stormed‘s Armory and arrested several of the company’s directors. In an attempt to make the news go viral, has released seven minutes of compiled footage from the raid. The reasons of the arrests are still unknown…or are they?

How do you take down one of the world’s toughest Femme Fatales? You can’t just make her submit you have to plan, scheme, catch her off guard and enlist your toughest guns. Eva Lin, Jessica Fox and Venus Lux take down Maitresse Madeline in a never seen before Transsexual GANG BANG ORGY where everyone fucks everyone.
The three Ts women make Madeline submit, with the roughest, sexiest power fucking in this epic one year anniversary feature update of


Another Chapter in The Wives Club: Ts Jenna Rachels Makes Sebastian Talk to the Cock

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Your words don’t matter. Your excuses are flimsy and your actions say it all. You are a cheater. You get head on the side. You get fucked by strangers. You think you wife doesn’t know. They ALWAYS know and when they find out they have two options. Divorce you or own you. When they want to keep you, they hire The Wives Club to scare the life out of you and they fuck you silent and in line.

Jenna wastes no time and when she’s hard and slipping in and out of your ass, she can tell all your lies. Jenna uses your cum as lube and when she’s done fucking your sloppy ass, she drains her load out of the condom and shoves the whole mess right back up your butt hole.

The Wish

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Despite being a rather camp fellow, young Angus had watched sweet Daisy for months, often hiding in the bushes or behind a tree, watching her skip through the fields in her soft linen dresses and skimpy outfits, which would often lift so easily in the wind. He would sit in his hiding spot, take out his large erection, and stroke it until explosion. But this time Angus wanted more.. Angus always knew he had an Angel watching over him and he knew that every Angel could grant one wish. He’d saved up his wish for so long but now he couldn’t hold back any longer and he commanded his angel to strip sweet daisy naked, but not before transforming her into a beautiful transsexual with a large appetite for sex! The Angel was already far ahead of Angus’s thoughts, and Daisy was stripped bare at an instant, with a hung meaty flesh club sticking up from her groin. Daisy took to her knew found cock like a duck to water, and as soon as she saw Angus appear from his hiding spot she grabbed him by the back of the head and was mounting his mouth on her fuckstick, pounding his throat hard and deep until finally coming over his dumbstruck face.. Despite already emptying her balls, young Daisy was still in full horndog mode and she bent over and spread her shemale ass hole wide, yelling at Angus to enter her. She didn’t need to tell him twice, as Angus scraped the sticky cum from his eyes and slid his hard dick straight into Daisy, pumping her with all his might from first entry to last cum dumping thrust.

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Fucking a busty slut’s ass

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Meelynah is one very busty and very sexy blonde tgirl and just to make her even more interesting, she comes with a big cock. Watch the dirty fucking action as one lucky guy gets to nail her tight ass reamed and then feels the power of her big cock when she gets to fuck his ass. It’s the ultimate in hardcore shemale action and it’s going to blow you away.

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