Fucking in a Virtual World w/Transsexual Kitty Doll & Her Pet

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In a vacuum sealed white room under glass waits the anime doll, Eris DeSaire. Her frilly, pink panties soak with anticipation as she watches her owner, Kitty, use a magic wand to get her cock rock hard. The cock that will soon fuck her every hole. Kitty has her own plan for Eris that is not a straight up fucking and cumming. She wants Eris to beg, to take every pussy slap and ass spank with a “thank you, Miss” and to receive her cock like an offering. This is a fantasy world with reality fucking and a great cum swallowing finish.

Karol Kovalick in wild bareback action

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Today we have hung blonde shemale babe Karol Kovalick in wild bareback action. Watch as this feminine blonde shemale shows off her big thick cock before getting her tight ass fucked raw. Karol is a super sexy tranny that loves fucking and you will love watching her get fucked!


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Alexis’ Weekend Conference

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Features: Alexis

On a plane heading to a conference is nothing new to Alexis. Not even traveling with a pretty young assistant. What is different is the new assistant, Danielle. Danielle is a fresh intern from college that has been with Alexis for only a week. It looks like Alexis will have another notch on her lipstick case and another intern that will not want to go back to college!

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Caught Playing Dress Up

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Devon often snuck into his sister’s room when she was out, he never read her diary or stole from her, but he did enjoy putting on her clothes. Late one evening when his sister, Abby, had left the house, Devon went through her draws to pick out something sexy to wear. To his excitement he found a short pleated skirt and a bra which even gave him a little cleavage. Devon was so turned on he didn’t notice that someone had entered the house and was heading towards his sister’s room! When he finally heard Jack, his sister’s boyfriend, calling out for Abby, he had no time to change or hide, and suddenly Jack opened the door! “Well well, what do we have here?” asked Jack with a large grin. Devon begged for Jack to keep his secret and promised he would never dress up in his sister’s clothes again, but rather than getting angry Jack seemed to be getting horny and he began rubbing his hands over Devon’s body. Devon felt embarrassed and told him to stop, and so Jack threatened him, if he didn’t want him to tell everyone what he had seen Devon would need to do as his is told, and that included keeping his sister’s sexy clothes on! So Devon found himself on his knees sucking Jack’s huge hard cock. He moaned and cried like a little Japanese school girl as Jack forced his massive meat down his throat, but secretly he was enjoying it. Devon was turned on further when Jack span him around and bent him over, first fingering his tight bum hole and then finally plunging is strong dick deep into Devon’s ass. They were fucking wildly when Devon’s sister, Abby, came in the room. She screamed at them, furious that Jack was fucking her brother. But rather then stop him she suddenly lifted up her skirt, and to everyone’s surprise, she withdrew her own cock! She then forced Devon to suck her dick before joining Jack in fucking his ass, as they double-teamed her brother for the rest of that evening. They fucked all night until they could hold out no longer, and finally exploded massive amounts of sticky cum all over a tired and happy Devon!

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Bounty Balls

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Auntie Lissa is on holiday in Asia. She stops at a little beach resort for some sun and relaxing. After her bikini goes missing, Lissa gets help from the hotel receptionist. Turns out this is a special resort just for Tgirls. Lissa learns just how special.

Hot on Hot ABUSE: Ts Eva Fucking a Buff, Black Guy

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TS babe Eva Lin and Robert Axel are leather clad hotties, making out in the dark alley behind a biker bar. Eva gulps down Robert’s cock taking his shaft all the way down her throat, her lips pressing against his balls making them tense up and nearly explode. She know just how to entice her men, just how to get them to agree first to suck the cock they didn’t know she had, and then to let her slide that cock right up their ass until they feel every full 8 inches of her. She fucks him, makes him suck her off in 69 and eventually jerks his cock off with her feet in one of the hottest foot jobs ever.

Sultan and the Shemales Pt4

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The Sultan had finally been captured by the two monster shemales, the very trannys whom he himself had created in order to rape young Ali. But since Ali had gotten free and captured the lamp, the Sultan’s cock had shrunk, whilst the cocks of Princess and Genie just seemed to be getting stronger and longer, and as soon as he gazed into their eyes he know his ass was there’s. They span him around, and no longer powerful, he was on the ground at their mercy as they thrust their huge tranny dicks into his face and demanded he suck them like his life depending on it. The sultan licked, sucked and slobbered over their ladyboy weapons, gagging on the Genie’s cock head and the Princess XXXtra long shaft, whilst unbeknown to the Sultan, Ali had crept up behind him, got down on his knees and had started working on the Sultan’s nervous ass. Ali spat and fingered the Sultan’s hole, and with the help of Genie and Princess they broke his ass open wide, ready for some insane transsexual butt pounding. They fucked him in every position possible as his screams rang out into the night. Finally, when it seemed the Genie and Princess could fuck no more, Ali himself rammed his hard pole into the Sultan, finally getting his revenge, and fucking him whilst his two hungry shemale buddies rested, ready to fuck the Sultan all over again..

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Slim shemale gets fucked bareback

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We have a new model appearing in her first hardcore bareback scene, her name is Geovanna Venus and she is a wild one. Watch as this slim nympho sucks on a big cock and takes it deep and hard in her tight ass. I am sure Geovanna will be back for more!


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Tell Mama – Bartender Seduces Sad Sack Patron with Her Hard Cock!!

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Foxxy last costumer of the night is handsome, charming and down right vulnerable. He’s down on his luck with a break-up and doesn’t even see Foxxy’s seductive claws coming out. She gets his cock in her mouth and swirls it around until his head is covered in thick throat spit. He’s so hard, he could pop down her throat, but she’s not ready for him to cum yet. First, she wants to show him her own, incredible, hard penis. She wants to wedge it up his ass and make him scream for more. When she cums, it’s a nice river all over his face from a pile driver fucking. His own hard cock lets go of thick load too which surprises him so much he may have just fallen in love a little….

Can you blame him, Foxxy’s ass alone is enough for wedding proposal!

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Cream Pie for the Spy – Jessica Fox cums in her nemesis pussy!

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Jessica and Alina are arch rivals in a ring of grand theft jewelry heists. They both love and loathe each other in an international scamming circuit that often puts them at the same fancy parties vying for the same rare jews, art and priceless antiques. Over the years, they have come to respect each other while remaining bitter competitors for the prize bounty.
Tonight they collide at a rich Colonel house in Spain while they both make attempts to steal his wife’s most prized, rare diamonds.

What happens is more than a fight for the gems, but a full blow all aggressions and sexual tensions released fuck fest on the Colonel’s bed. Jessica grinds her cock into Alina making her cum and using her soft, hot pussy to milk her cock which explodes in Alina’s cunt for a sexy creampie. Jessica makes Alina push the load out and then she swallows it!


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