Hot for Teacher: She has a cock and you are not afraid!

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Sexy temptress, Jaquelin Braxton, seducing her student in one of the most genuine, intimate and hot take downs scenes on this site. Our brand new male talent slowly follows her lead, his big eyes getting even bigger as Jaquelin fills his mouth with her hard cock.

Our rookie gets his ass pummeled, his dick milked and rode in a rare switch scene, takes two of Jaquelin’s load before being allowed to cum himself.

Jaquelin Braxton is quickly becoming one of the top Ts Doms on the net.

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Caught Stealing At Kink – We don’t Call the Cops we Call…

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Katrina is a little handsy in the wrong way here at the castle. She sneaks into Peter’s Bedroom and attempts to steal some of his prized art. Her plans are thwarted by out sexy security bad ass, Jessica Fox.

Jessica catches Katrina in the act and throws her to the couch in a body slam that scares her breathless. Now she will be punished accordingly – first she will be tied up, slapped and humiliated, then she will be left tied spread-eagle on Peter’s four poster bed waiting all night for someone at any time to come in a fuck her.

It’s a long night in bondage, and when the morning sun comes, it is Jessica who gets to have Katrina’s tight pussy all to herself. She fucks her, using her pussy like a fleshlight, fucking and fucking until she explodes cum all up her body.


Karla Desejo Turns a Guy Out

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Watch as this thick and busty blonde shemale bombshell shows off her big tits and thick round ass before turning this guy out. She starts off feeding him her big cock and then pounds his tight ass with it until he can’t take anymore. Tranny topping at it’s very best!

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Caught Cheating

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I knew I would get caught out eventually, dating two girls who not only went to the same school, and not only sat together in the same class, but were best friends was always going to end badly.. I had met Emily after school and was taking her for a walk around the back way so that Rachel wouldn’t see us. It was a nice Autumn afternoon and we were walking hand in hand, making plans for the weekend, when suddenly I heard Emily scream from behind us. At first I flinched, expecting to take a slap to the face, or even worse have both of them kick the hell out of me, but by the time I came out of my cowardly coil I found both the girls wrestling on the ground. Not only was it cool to see the girls fighting over me but there was something so hot about seeing two young tranny girls wrestling in school uniforms. By the time they tired out I was hiding and watching from a distance, but it seemed like they’d finally realised it was my fault and given up beating up each other. As they began to apologize they suddenly started to kiss and were soon wrestling again but with much more passion than anger. I guess the whole ladyboy wrestling thing had turned them on and before long they were both naked and fucking in the middle of the quiet alley. I wasn’t sure if they were making love or trying to hurt each other again as they pounded ass so deep and hard, I was just glad it wasn’t my butt taking the mighty hammering. I just continued to watch, rubbing my own cock with pleasure as they finally exploded into each other’s raw ass.

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Spanish Exchange Program: Teacher Caught Masturbating

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Venus is in hell with her Spanish exchange program teacher. The two have to share a dorm room with what at first seems like the biggest little Latina strew on the planet! After lights out, Venus wakes up to the muffled moans of the teacher going to town on herself, and Venus just goes in for the kill.
She makes her teacher obey her, spreads her legs and licks at her sensitive clit until she cums. All this gets Venus so hard she can’t keep her cock hidden in her panties one second longer. Her hard dick presses in Luna’s mouth and they both know there will be no more sleeping tonight.

Venus ties up her naughty professor and lunges into Luna’s pussy with the single intend of cumming the biggest load possible all over her sweet mouth.
Rough sex, bondage and plenty of cum from both girls in this hot scene.


Nikolly Gaucha bareback jacuzzi fun

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Stunning shemale beauty Nikolly Gaucha is in wild bareback action today by the jacuzzi. Watch as this incredible shemale sheds her bikini for some raw cock fun with Yago. He fills her mouth and ass full of cock over and over again until she is squirting all over!


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Forest Hotties

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The beautiful forest nymphs are enjoying a day under the shady canopy when a witch comes down from the sky and casts a spell on them. She’s going to make their lives a whole lot different by giving them enormous shemale cocks and sex drives that they can’t control. Suddenly they’re turned into obscenely horny shemale sluts and all they want to do is fuck. Luckily they’ve got each other and they don’t have to look far for a passionate girl to get naughty with. It starts with simple stroking and soon develops into something far more interesting. The deep, sensual kissing is just the start of the fun as the sex is what really drives these two shemale elves wild. The babe in the yellow bow gets ass fucked first and even though her lover’s shemale cock is huge it feels good massaging the insides of her body. She likes how deep it goes and she can’t wait to do some fucking of her own. She wants to bone tight ass and the two of them are going to screw until they both cum and are completely exhausted.

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Caged Girl, Caged Cock:TS Joanna Unleashes her Cock on an Amateur Girl

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Andre is very new to porn – so new she has many firsts – including getting fucked by a transsexual women. Joanna loves to break in the amateurs and she takes her sweet time getting Andre’s pussy wet before she shows her the power of her cock.
Andre’s pussy contracts from her orgasms, wet and glistening with her cum. A perfect lubed slit ready for Joanna’s hard cock that fucks rounds of orgasms out of the new girl.

To see just how well the rookie can swim, we add bondage to her experience and watch her struggle with the conflict of her comfort zone as a pleaser and the inability to do so in restraints. Joanna makes Andre service her cock while in neck and wrists stocks that prevent her from do the good job she knows she can – this genuine, vulnerable experience leaves Andre exposed and ready to give up her pussy even more in hopes to please Joanna. The fucking that follows the stock scene is explosive and ends with a massive cum shot all over Andre’s perfect tits.


Hung tranny Cybelli Calmon in action

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Cybelli not only has the body of a ts goddess, intoxicating charm and big shemale cock, she also has an insatiable appetite for sex. This big cock tranny babe gives this guy his first tranny cock today and he is in for a treat. See fucks his mouth, ass and covers him in cum.

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MILF MAID: Fucking the Help on the Kitchen Table

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Natassia is awkwardly in the kitchen while the maid is there cleaning up. The kitchen is filthy and Natassia feels badly for the woman. Not so badly, though once she gets a look up her skirt and good, long stare at her panties. Natassia sympathy has evolved to desire and she wants to taste what is in being covered up in those panties.
Natassia is hot for the MILF maid and there is little effort needed to get those stockings off and Natassia’s tongue on her pussy. After a good licking, Natassia pulls down her booty shorts to reveal her hard cock and Angel can not resist the urge to suck her cock. They fuck on the kitchen table and Natassia makes Angel cum over and over – finger banging her, going back and forth from her pussy to ass in some hot fucking.


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