Shemale Jo Garcia with huge shemale

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Check out this new update featuring hung shemale babe Jo Garcia. It’s been awhile since we have featured this big cock shemale and we have been getting some requests, so here she is again. Jo is amazing and you will not be able to get enough of her huge cock.


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Racked shemale babe Bruna Rubio

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Meet the always sexy racked shemale babe Bruna Rubio and we have her in raw bareback hardcore in this new update. Watch as this stunning shemale gets a cock crammed in her mouth, her big tits banged and her tight ass stretched to the max as it’s fucked raw with no condom.


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Candy Stripers turned Nasty:Shagging in a Hospital w/a Stranger’s Vibe

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Tiffany and Bella are busy complaining about their shitty summer internships when Bella finds a vibrator in the bed she’s stripping.
She CAN NOT believe Tiffany has never seen a vibrator before. What? She dismiss Tiffany’s disapproving looks and gets down with her new toy, rubbing her clit with it until she cums. Tiffany watches Bella cum but refuses to try the toy until Bella convinces her to let her put it on her clit over her skirt. Bella has no idea what she’s rubbing is Tiffany’s bulging cock that presses tight against her panties while Bella rubs her with the vibrator.

Tiffany had planned to tell Bella about her cock, but the right time just never seemed to be right. Now, however, Tiffany can no longer keep her mouth shut, she pulls back her panties and shows Bella why she’s not all that familiar with vibrators. Tiffany’s cock is thick and hard and a dazzle of pre-cum is just waiting to slip into Bella’s cunt.

Tiffany spreads Bella wide and plows into her wet slit. These two are very attracted to each other and it shows in the sex they have – explosive, sensual and rough all at once. Tiffany pulls out of Bella just in time for Bella to jerk a HUGE load of cum out of her cock. Her load is so big Bella nearly starts to giggle with surprise.


Jessica Fox Dating

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Jessica is so hot for her new man she sneaks up behind him in the restaurant bathroom and starts jerking him off while he’s pissing. His warm piss covering her hand while she wakes up his sleep giant of a dick.
But no matter how deeply she sucks him, he is still going to worship her cock before he gets to cum!

Jessica pounds him making him moan and wince. Her cock driving into his ass cheeks and spearing his hole until it’s too sore. She takes his cock and jerks a load out that squirts across his body and up the bed! Be she’s not done – Jessica fucks him again, ignoring his sore ass and edging herself to near explosion inside him before pulling out and covering his big balls with a nice load. She feeds both cum shots to him before kissing it off his lips. This scene is as sexy, hot and dirty as we have come to expect from our sexy Jessica Fox.

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Shemale Model Gets Comforted

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It’s hard enough being a model, with all the clothing changes, and remembering when to turn and where to look. So when this statuesque model had a wardrobe malfunction in front of the onlookers, revealing her thick shemale dick, it was quite embarrassing. They kept laughing at her and booed her off the stage, as she returned to the back with her tattered dress. Two other models were there to greet her, not only with words of encouragement, but with some hungry lips to tame that beast of a tranny dick! They never knew her secret, and now they were horny as ever to feel what it’s like to get fucked by a tranny. She quickly forgot about all of the jerks outside that were making fun of her, as her dick got rock hard when these chicks offered up their pussies. She was so big that she could barely fit into their tight snatches, as they both took turns sharing her schlong, even licking each other’s pussies as they were fucked. By the time she came, she was ready to strut on the runway again!

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Alexia on Precious Blue Stone

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shemaletugjobs14Model: Alexia Firenze
Movie length: 15 minutes
Photos: 79

Alexia is a long and slender shemale babe that loves to get naked in the great outdoors. This hot T-girl was spending the afternoon sunning her hot body but she happily agreed to stop tanning and give us a show that heated up the temperature more then the sun. She slowly slipped out of her top and gave us full view of her sweet tits before slipping out of her thong and showing the tasty shecock she was packing. And this naughty shemale pumped her girl pole for us until she squirted.

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Welcome to Panwhora!

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You are not in Kansas anymore, you are in Panwhora! Out here, every living things that crawls, flies or squats in the mud, wants to rape your butt hole, and fill your ass with spunk Juice. The indigenous inhabitants of Panwhora are a clan of horned up monster hung shemale warriors, called the Peckers. They have huge boners reinforce with carbon fibre – and they fuck first and ask questions later. . When a clan of intergalactic Fuckephants land on Panwhora, Queen Dong calls the Pecker tribe together to defend their planet. The Fuckephants were raping the creatures of Panwhora, impaling tight asses on their massive Fuckephant cocks and filling them with their poisonous sperm. Queen Dong, the most hung of the Pecker tribe, took it upon herself to lead her tribe into battle.. The Fuckephants were too strong, and soon Queen Dong found herself looking at a fatal ass pounding and creampie ending, until a twist of fate. As the tranny birdies flew above, their mystical feathers began to malt and drop down on the warriors below. As the feathers brushed against the aggressive, Fuckephants, their attitudes seemed to change and they became disorientated and subdued. Queen Dong notice what an effect the aphrodisiac feathers had on their horny enemies, and encouraged her tribe to gather the feathers and rub them on the ass holes of the Fuckephants. In doing so, lacing the Fuckephant holes with the feather, the Fuckephants were overwhelmed with pleasure and fell into uncontrollable orgasms, shooting their giant loads. This disarmed all the Fuckephants, who suddenly lost the will to carry on fighting, and instead grew and instant attraction to the Pecker people. And with the Pecker people being such horny fuckers, they agreed to make peace with the Fuckephants, and everyone celebrated in a giant no-holes-barred orgy fuck fest!

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Super Busty Oiled

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shemaletugjobs8Model: Barbara Smith
Movie length: 14 minutes
Photos: 120

This long haired, brunette shemale was tall with long legs, a huge rack and tasty shecock. Barbara Smith was a real tease in her red bikini that showed off her big boobs and plump rear end. She was one big t-girl and she loved exposing every inch of her long body for the camera. She posed sitting on the edge of the tub before stripping out of her clothes and giving us the full mouth watering view. Grabbing her little bottle of sensual oil, she began to squirt it on her huge boobies and rub it into her pink nipples letting it run down those big mounds and onto on her tight stomach and drip to her thighs. This tranny babe loved the feel of her long fingered hands caressing her body. And it was obvious by the look on her pretty face that feeling her oil covered hand slipping up and down her girl pole was pure pleasure to her and it wasn’t long before she was crying out and shooting her load onto her stomach and hands.

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Darling is Vaniity’s Cock Mop

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The fucking in this update is well, there are no words for it. Vaniity is so dominate and fierce all Darling can do is hold on and cum.

Vaniity’s sheer sexual intensity and acrobatic maneuvers are mind boggling and dick hardening. She bangs Darling in the ass and pussy going back and forth between her holes and making her cum and scream and beg for more. And to top off the day of Oylmpic fucking, Vaniity pulls out and cums right into Darling’s wet, open pussy. Hooooot!


The Belly Dancer Pt2

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There I was, being fucked by the shemale Belly Dancer when Kerry came back in the room. She’d realised that she was in the wrong, jealous of me drooling over the dancer and she’d come back to apologise, but when she saw me spread eagle on the floor being filled by ladyboy cock, she was obviously stunned and couldn’t speak! I was embarrassed and couldn’t look at her, assuming she’d just leave the room, but whilst looking down and being fucked doggy style I suddenly noticed Kerry’s foot in front of me. I looked up and Kerry was standing over me, naked. Not only this, but she had a shemale cock of her own! Now there’s something you don’t see every day.. Despite this Kerry was obviously still a little jealous and angry, and instead of fucking me she immediately started fucking the dancer, pounding her hard so that it hurt! She then went about getting her revenge, ordering us to take turns sucking her big cock before bending us both over and fingering our holes, as we moaned. She then made the dancer eat out my ass. She was tongue fucking me so vigorously it felt like a cock! It finally broke out into a real orgy and we ended up in all kinds of filthy perverted positions, everyone eating, fingering and fucking every cock and hole in front of them!

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